Boatyard Bliss

Upon arrival at Westland Marina there were a series of decisions to be made. The outcome of is that Orion is in the yard for a bottom peel and other repairs. This was decided after I was introduced to Tom Musto of Boat Savers. He is working on the peeling, re-glassing and painting of the bottom.
Boad Savers reinforcing a section of the hull.

Marine lumber added to slides on
hatch to reduce friction and wear.
New Mast Support Timber
New pressure plate
I have been a busy weekend warrior, too. A large number of projects are on my list. So far, I have repaired the combings and leaks in the cockpit area,
Cockpit combings
Locker area

repaired the companionway hatch, stanchion repair (with some help of my neighbor) and replaced a mast support timber. The list is still pretty long though. Some of what I have done was not on the list when I started. 

The heat at the boatyard in July is oppressive, resulting in slow progress. 

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