October 2012 SSCA GAM in Punta Gorda, FL

We set up camp at a campground in Punta Gorda, Florida, in our travel trailer in early October. Sophie went along for the ride. Camping is really relaxing and Sophie enjoyed walks in a new location which she seemed to welcome without any problems what so ever.

A couple of days off from work can be a welcome thing, too!

What got us away from our home projects was the Florida West Coast GAM of the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA). We certainly had a wonderful time meeting and visiting with the cruisers in attendance at the event.

Left to right: Marshall, Maria, Larry and Lin
Authors Lin and Larry Pardey were the featured speakers. They have circled the globe twice in opposite directions on engine-less boats they built themselves. The first time around was from west to east on Seraffyn, a 24 foot 4 inch Lyle Hess designed cutter. The second time around was from east to west on Taleisin, a 29 footer of similar design. The latter trip was around Cape Horn against prevailing winds. As you can imagine, they had some interesting stories and pictures.

We met Lin and Larry at the sailboat show in Miami some years back. It was great to see them again!

Anyway, this event is helping us to change our focus from house renovating back to our boat, Orion, the marina and acquaintances there. We sure needed that!

Oh, yeah! Got a great bargain at the marine flea market, too! Friendly, laid back cruisers are pretty nice folks to do business with!

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

Sunset on Charlotte Harbor

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