Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bottom Work Complete

Just returned from the boatyard. We took inventory on work that needs doing before the splash back. There was a consensus on the topside hull finally needing some paint. The previous paint job surely held up well, but there are signs of oxidation and general wear. In addition, some deck paint, finishing up the hatch work, and putting the mast and rigging back.

The bottom paint looks great.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Boatyard Bliss Continues

Well, the weather has not been cooperating. There has been too much heat and too much rain. I dropped by the boatyard this morning and paid Boat Savers for their excellent work.

Here are some photos of  progress taken by Boat Savers last week (not the finished product):

That's the barrier coats with a couple of patches of bottom paint. Guess it is time to get serious on some more projects so we can go sailing soon.

Perhaps the impending anticipation will give me momentum. I feel it coming on!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Boatyard Bliss

Upon arrival at Westland Marina there were a series of decisions to be made. The outcome of is that Orion is in the yard for a bottom peel and other repairs. This was decided after I was introduced to Tom Musto of Boat Savers. He is working on the peeling, re-glassing and painting of the bottom.
Boad Savers reinforcing a section of the hull.

Marine lumber added to slides on
hatch to reduce friction and wear.
New Mast Support Timber
New pressure plate
I have been a busy weekend warrior, too. A large number of projects are on my list. So far, I have repaired the combings and leaks in the cockpit area,
Cockpit combings
Locker area

repaired the companionway hatch, stanchion repair (with some help of my neighbor) and replaced a mast support timber. The list is still pretty long though. Some of what I have done was not on the list when I started. 

The heat at the boatyard in July is oppressive, resulting in slow progress.